#BlogElul 26: Hope – What Are Your Hopes for the Year Ahead?

The New Year is upon us. What are your hopes for the year ahead?

Here are some of mine:

For teachers: I hope that this will be a year of lighting sparks rather than filling vessels. I hope that we will explore, discover, engage, debate, struggle, persevere and grow.

For learners: I hope that this is the year that we embrace learning for its own sake and recognize that learning is life-long. I hope that we all strive for knowledge, understanding and creativity.    

For parents: I hope that this is a year filled with joy and wonder for our children and that we are able to step back from the hectic and the routine to let them enjoy it all. And I hope that we can make the time to enjoy with them. 

For partners and spouses: I hope that this will be a year of love, passion, and unconditional support.

I hope for us all that this will be a year of inclusive opportunities, filled with meaningful relationships, laughter, fun, and lasting memories.

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