#BlogElul 27: Intend – I Challenge You to Move From Good Intentions to Action

In Judaism, intention (kavanah) is an essential component of meaningful action. Kavanah comes from the Hebrew root meaning to direct, intend, or focus. Living a meaningful Jewish life involves combining our actions with the intention we bring to those actions.

Living a meaningful Jewish life; Removing the Stumbling Block

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak of Pshi’scha, taught, “Good intentions alone, if not accompanied by action, are without value, as it is the action which makes the intentions so profound.”
It is essential to back up our words with action with regard to inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Many of us have dedicated the time to learning about and discussing what we should to do; but when it comes to actually including those on the margins of society, we must do more than speak of our intentions. 

I challenge each of you to move from good intentions to action.

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