#BlogElul 14: Remember - Take Time to Remember the Successful Stories of Inclusion

I’m taking today’s prompt at face value and using it as an opportunity to remember some of my favorite stories of inclusion.  In doing so I am reminded of why I am blessed to do this work. Children have the most amazing capacity to inspire us – if only we slow down enough to let them.

Life Lessons in the Lunch LineIt really is in the unexpected moments that we can find the most inspiration.

Max and Wayne: Reflections of Shabbat Together - I am so proud of these young men. They looked out for each other in ways I never would have expected. Each of them has a beautiful neshama (Jewish soul). I just happen to have the good fortune to help nurture them.

We are Playing Wheelchair - Children innately know how to overlook the things that make adults uncomfortable.  

What are the successful stories of inclusion that you remember?
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