Go Ahead, Be Nice. I Dare You!

It finally happened.  After 21 days of #BlogElul I've hit the wall.  It is nearly 9:00pm and I am sitting down at my computer for the first time all day.  What kept me away?  

My day started with a quick cup of coffee & a run followed by visiting not one, but two, new schools with my kids (my son begins Middle School and my daughter begins Intermediate School). The afternoon brought the completion of a consulting project, curriculum development with a teacher, and some administrative troubleshooting.  Bar mitzvah lessons for my son and a late dinner rounded out the evening, and here I am. 

And so, on the verge of saying something snarky, I plopped down on my couch and announced to my family that I hadn’t even thought about today’s #BlogElul prompt.  To my surprise, both my husband and daughter chimed in with ideas. 

My husband took dare and wanted to go in the direction of, “Forget ‘normal’, dare to be different.  It’s our differences that make us special.”  Wow.  I wasn’t actually sure he was even reading my blog.  (But credit where credit is due…he was instrumental in helping me to name it.)

And then my ten-year-old daughter blew me away.  She said, “I want to write about how kids treat kids with special needs. Will you put it on your blog?" Heck yeah!

“Sometimes there are people who are not very nice to other people.  Like some kids will make fun of or not hang out with kids with special needs. That is not nice. Just because someone’s different does not mean they don’t have the same interests as you. You could make some friends even if they learn differently or act differently. Go ahead, be nice. I dare you!”

And this just made my hectic day perfect.

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