#BlogElul 6: Do – When It’s Ok to Turn a Do Into a Don’t

I can’t honestly think of too many times when it is ok to turn a do into a don’t.  Actually, it’s typically just the opposite, especially with children.  When trying to help shape a child’s behavior or teach a child a value, it’s far more effective to use positive language.  For example, instead of “don’t run”, it’s a better choice to say, “walk” (the do is implied, of course).  

I feel strongly that we should all try to use "do statements" in both parenting and in teaching.

Nonetheless, I will break from my own advice for the #BlogElul post. The prompt may be "Do", but I'm turning your attention to "Don't" for the next four minutes. Once you watch this video called "Don't Limit Me", I think you will understand why.


With thanks to Cindy Barclay of Surprising Treasures for bringing this special video to my attention.
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