Teaching Disability Awareness and Inclusion

black and white chess board with text that reads, "I believe that to make genuine strides toward increased inclusion you must find partners. None of us can do this work on our own." Lisa Friedman, Removing the Stumbling Block

There is a distinct lack of curriculum and resources to teach disability awareness, accessibility, and inclusion in a Jewish setting.

I have experience in developing curriculum for children of all ages. If you are looking to build or enhance your program, please be in touch.

Here are two existing resources that you might consider:

Cakes and Miracles, A Purim Story; Removing the Stumbling BlockDisability Awareness Book-Based Program - Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Story
This curriculum, supported by PJ Library, was a collaborative effort by educators from four excellent organizations focused on the inclusion of children with varied abilities in Jewish day and supplemental schools.

Produced by Behrman House and written by Diane Zimmerman, this is an appropriate lesson for a wide variety of ages. It is designed to enable students to address the driving question: “How can we help guide our synagogue in creating a space that is accessible to all and emulates the Jewish value of lifnei iver lo titen michshol (do not put a stumbling block before the blind)?” What I like about this lesson is that it is well grounded in Jewish text and empowers students to drive the direction of the final product. 

Finally, an important note:  Inclusion and disability awareness are NOT the same thing. Teaching a lesson or leading a conversation about disabilities does not mean you are inclusive.  It means you have taught about disabilities. It is important in is its own right, and a valuable component of inclusivity, but quality awareness-raising is only one aspect of inclusive practice.

It would be a pleasure to help you design curriculum to be used effectively in your setting. To request a sample program or to set up a consultation, contact me

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