#BlogElul 23: Love - I Will Build This World With Love

Jewish music is powerful. It can engage us and connect us to one another, deepening our relationships. Jewish music can connect us to our memories with a single note, evoking emotions while transporting us to another time and place.  Jewish music can help us to find our connection to God, touching our hearts and our souls.

The lyrics of our tradition have the power to teach, to inspire, to guide us to find that better part of ourselves waiting to be discovered.  

Olam Chesed Yibaneh (performed by Simone G., originally recorded by Rabbi Menachem Creditor)

For me, lyrics to convey the possibilities of inclusion: 

      “I will build this world with love,
       And you will build this world with love,
       And if we build this world with love, 
       Then God will build this world with love” (adapted from Psalm 89:3) 

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