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If you believe that everyone has gifts to offer this wonderful world of ours, you are in the right place! As an award-winning Disability Inclusion Expert I know that each of us is created b'tzelem elohim (in God's image). I firmly believe that everyone has a right to learn and feel connected to his/her heritage.

I have been an inclusive Jewish Educator for twenty years and this blog is where I share my thoughts and stories about Judaism, disability inclusion, and education.

Lisa Friedman; Removing the Stumbling Block

I consult with schools, organizations, and camps to coach them in the development of inclusive practices for staff, clergy, and families through interactive workshops, dialogue, and awareness training. I am a sought-after speaker on a wide variety of topics for professionals, lay leaders, parents, teachers, and teens.

I currently serve as an Education Director at Temple Beth-El in Central New Jersey where I oversee an inclusive synagogue school. Additionally, I am the Project Manager for UJA-Federation of New York's Synagogue Inclusion Project, Cohort 2.

My writing is regularly featured in such publications as The NY Jewish Week, Reform, Kveller and Think Inclusive. In addition, I work with Behrman House to develop curriculum and techniques for working with students who demonstrate a wide variety of learning needs. 

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One more note: We are each on a journey to grow into our best selves, which hopefully means our most inclusive selves. Let's all be willing to leave room for that growth, whether it be in daily practice, our attitudes, or our language use. My own evolution has led me to language shifts (despite retaining this blog's URL):

New Research Supports a Shift in Language Use - Why We Should Stop Using the Phrase Special Needs

Disabilities vs. Special Needs - It's Time to Use the Words We Truly Mean

Choosing Our Language Carefully {Using the Words You Really Intend}

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