I Believe in Inclusion

I believe in inclusion; Removing the Stumbling Block

I believe in inclusion. 

I believe that inclusion is possible in every congregation, in every religious school, in every day school, in every Jewish organization.

I believe that we can work together to ensure that every child, every adult, every Jewish person has the opportunity to learn Torah.

I believe that it is the responsibility of every teacher and every school leader to learn the strategies necessary to make inclusive education possible. And it is possible.

I believe in inclusion. 

I believe that each of us is created b’tzelem elohim (in the image of God).

I believe that all Jews have the right to live a meaningful Jewish life and that no one can determine what meaningful is for anyone else.

I believe in inclusion.

I believe that every person has a gift to offer to society.

I believe that it is incumbent upon us as human beings to help each person with and without disabilities bring this gift forward.

I believe that we must do as our sages implored, “Al tistakel b’kankan ela b’mah sheyesh bo – do not look at the container but at what is inside.”

I believe in inclusion.
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