Capturing the Teachable Moment

We say it, but how many of us really do it? Capture the teachable moment that is.

We live busy lives, rushing from one thing to the next, but we know that slowing down and really listening to our children is essential. I am so thankful that last week's Passover seder gave me the opportunity to do just that.

The holiday of Passover is the celebration of the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery in Egypt and the typical way to celebrate is with a seder. Literally defined as ‘order’, seder refers to the ritual service and ceremonial dinner held on each of the first two nights of the holiday where we eat special, symbolic foods and retell the Passover story.

One unique (and highly anticipated) seder element is the search for the afikomen. This is where the seder leader hides half a piece of matzah (unleavened bread) somewhere in the house and all of the children in attendance engage in a search to find it. Traditionally, it is “sold” back to the service leader so that the seder can reach its conclusion. (In most families this “sale” is a prize for the winner.)

This year, at our first night’s seder, my eleven-year-old daughter declared her desire to find the afikomen. You see, she informed me; this would be her only chance. Read more at Kveller.


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