Will You See My Soul?

There is an image that I first encountered on Twitter that instantly captivated me: 

 “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”

If only…

Here is another image that I discovered on Pinterest:

How You See Yourself; Removing the Stumbling Block

“How others see you is not important. How you see yourself means everything."

And while I love the potential that this image represents, I also recognize the challenges. This could represent pushing ourselves father than we are truly capable. This could mean giving in to the dangers of eating disorders or other self-injurious behaviors because we are never satisfied with what we see...

Yet, when we combine the two images, and teach our children and ourselves to see souls and not physical attributes; how stunning the potential.

And finally, there is this image:

See the Able, Not the Label; Removing the Stumbling Block
"See the able, not the label."

How might you use these images?

Photo credits to nationalautism.org, themetapicture.com and pinwords

BlogElul 2014 Removing the Stumbling Block
This post is a part of the month-long series #BlogElul. The Jewish month of Elul, which precedes the High Holy Days, is traditionally a time of renewal and reflection. We look to begin the year with a clean slate, starting anew, refreshed. All month, along with others, I'll be blogging a thought or two for each day to help with the month of preparation... 
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