JDAMblogs - Blogging Jewish Disability Awareness Month

JDAMblogs: weekly prompts for Jewish Disability Awareness Month

In honor of Jewish Disability Awareness Month (JDAM) I am going to embark on a bit of a project. Inspired by Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, the creator of BlogElul, I will do my best to share a daily blog post throughout the month of February to help bring awareness to the significant value of including Jews with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish life. And I would love for you to join me. 

Here’s how to join JDAMblogs:  Tag each blog post you write with JDAMblogs. Use the hashtag #JDAMblogs on Twitter and Facebook. Visit my blog again on February 1 where I will include an opportunity for you to link up your blog and share your posts with others. Tweet me and tag me on Facebook so that I can promote as many of these posts as possible. 

But really, there are no rules. You can blog daily, but it’s not required. You can write, draw and share photos or even a make a video. You don’t have to be an inclusion expert or a Jewish Educator or even a Jewish professional to contribute. In fact, I hope that parents, loved ones and self-advocates will participate. You don’t even have to be Jewish! EVERY voice matters. Isn’t that the point, after all? All you really need is a desire to contribute in some way. Blog once, or blog every day. Tweet. Share a Facebook status. Share your voice.

Let's make the Jewish Disability Awareness Month tagline a reality: From Awareness to Inclusion!

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