Target Makes it Look Easy – Disability in Advertising

When we are truly and inclusive society; Removing the Stumbling Block
I have said, on more than one occasion, that when inclusion is “done right” it just is – there’s no need for fanfare, no reason for an advocate to point it out, no need for celebration.

When we are truly an inclusive society; everyone participates, everyone belongs.

When we are truly an inclusive society we won’t have to share our collective frustrations about schools that exclude a child, faith organizations that exclude families, or television and advertising that exclude people with disabilities.

When we are truly an inclusive society; all will really mean all.

But we aren’t there yet.

So when I stumble across something like this, I know it must be mentioned so that others can learn.

Check out this recent Target television ad:

Target made it look easy, right? And it wasn’t accompanied by some grandiose statement of inclusivity; they just ran the ad. 

That’s inclusion done right.

Target makes it look easy, Removing the Stumbling Block

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