10 Tips to Make Your Classroom More Joyful

10 Tips to Make Your Classroom More Joyful; Removing the Stumbling Block

You can’t teach joy.

It’s true. I can’t give you the magic lesson or the simple trick that will make your classroom a wonderfully joyful place.

I can, however, share what I think every teacher needs to do to create a joyful learning environment for their students. (It's worth noting that these same elements will help you to create a more inclusive classroom.) Embracing these ways of thinking, teaching and living can help you to build the kinds of lessons and experiences that can help your students (and you!) find joy.

Be mindful.

Be flexible.

Be realistic.

Focus on relationships.

Pay attention to details.

Laugh often.

Forgive others.

Don’t give up in the face of adversity.

Forgive yourself.

Allow yourself to experience joy.

What else would you add? 

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