The ABC's of Inclusion

The ABC's of Inclusion - Removing the Stumbling Block

When I created this image I had hoped that it would resonate. I am truly pleased by how much attention it continues to get. I am happy to make it available as a poster, perfect for any classroom, school, camp, synagogue, church or other organization looking to promote and support inclusion and demonstrate its inclusive values.

And while it continues to stand on its own, I have also decided to use this as a launch pad for a blog series, The ABC’s of Inclusion. Read: {The ABC’s of Inclusion} A is for Accept Differences.

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Understanding Inclusion - Why Names Matter

Imagine relationships if we used names; Removing the Stumbling Block

“Inclusion is first and foremost a philosophy. It is a mindset and a belief that everyone has value and something to contribute.” ~ American Camping Association

This is so entirely in line with my own philosophy that I feel compelled to repeat it often. And I am not alone. In a piece he wrote for the SFGate in August of 2013, Russ Ewell states, “Successful inclusion begins and ends with our capacity for valuing others. We cannot include those we do not value.” Amen! Even better, Russ continues by saying that, fortunately, we can learn to value others. 

I agree. But how?

I believe that names are intrinsically linked to the way we value one another. In a powerful piece by Rabbi Evan Moffic called Do You Remember My Name, he tells us that, “Names convey identity. When someone knows our name, they know us as a unique individual.”

How Do You Inspire Trust?

TRUST; Removing the Stumbling Block

As Jewish leaders, we are looked to as teachers, guides, mentors, advisers, counselors, and confidantes. People trust us; with their questions, with their challenges, with their significant moments, with their children and other cherished family members, with their spirits and with their souls.

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