{The ABC’s of Inclusion} Y is to Yearn for More

{The ABC’s of Inclusion} Y is to Yearn for More; Removing the Stumbling Block

It’s kind of amazing that I have made it almost to the end of alphabet without feeling stuck; even when some of the topics I have explored in this series seem so similar to one another. For example, you might think that I would have struggled to write G is to Grab Partners after already writing C is to Collaborate. Or that there would be too much similarity between H is to Hold High Expectations and E is to Expect Competence

Nevertheless, I found myself with so much content that it was easy to take these posts in a variety of directions. Until now.  

I know that when we yearn for more we tune in, mindfully, to what we may not yet have. And hopefully, we begin to think about and act upon the ways that we can bring those dreams and goals to fruition.

And there is a distinct difference between yearning for more and never feeling satisfied. Yearning an push us while a lack of satisfaction may simply frustrate us.

So I want to take a little turn. I want to hear from YOU. What are your thoughts about yearning for more when it comes to disability inclusion? How does it inspire you? How do you use that yearning to propel forward?

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