Embracing Good Enough

We can be our own worst enemies. 

Embracing good enough; Removing the Stumbling Block

Too many of us push ourselves to do more and more, never quite slowing down to appreciate what we have accomplished. And we are our own harshest critics when we haven’t reached the impossibly high standards we set for ourselves. 

As parents, we want more for our children than we had for ourselves; causing us to over-program, over-schedule and simply over-do. Perfectionism has become a standard to achieve rather than an exception to the rule.

Recently, I found myself experiencing a personal challenge and I sought the advice of a close friend. As we discussed the various options in front of me, weighing out the pros and cons, she said, "Lisa, sometimes good enough is good enough."

This is an incredibly hard concept to act upon for most people. We are so busy making things the best that they can be, rejecting ideas and opportunities because they aren't "good enough" and worse, criticizing ourselves and others when we think they are not trying hard enough or not doing their very best. 

But what happens when we let go a little?  

What happens when we embrace "good enough"?

I think it can free us. I think it can enable us to take more risks, to open ourselves to more opportunities and to gain true satisfaction from that which we do accomplish.

The world of Jewish disability inclusion struggles with this. I have, more often than I would like, encountered well meaning advocates who critique the efforts of others as not being inclusive enough; in essence, not good enough. In a realm where we must work so hard to move the needle incrementally forward, we run the risk of undermining our own successes when we label a community’s inclusive practices "not good enough".  

We have to acknowledge that all steps are meaningful and join together to support the journey. 

There is just far too much at stake. We need schools and synagogues and other Jewish organizations to take their steps without fear. Each one of us has unique challenges; so do our organizations. 

Sometimes good enough really is good enough.

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