How Will You Move Inclusion Forward?

Faith is taking the first step, MLK; Removing the Stumbling Block

We have reached the end of another Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month. 

I always find myself thinking that true inclusion is the work of every day, not the work of one month. Opening the doors to ALL is not something we do once in a while. It must be the very fabric of who we are every day.

Reflections of an Inclusive Shabbat

With commitment, anything is possible; Removing the Stumbling Block

I was recently reminded of the value of sharing stories to help inspire and encourage others to take steps toward living their inclusive values. Each of us is a work in progress and I appreciate opportunities to reflect on my own growth as an inclusive educator. So it is with fondness that I return to this story of a teen retreat. 

In my role as a Jewish educator, I take many students on weekend retreats. Such experiences are a wonderful opportunity for teens to live and learn together as we celebrate Shabbat, socialize, talk and play. At retreats, teens build relationships with peers while exploring their Jewish identities, and such experiences expand exponentially on what we accomplish within the walls of our synagogue. Living together in Jewish time and sharing the joy of Shabbat in a unique setting is an amazing springboard from which we can launch our kids into so many other significant opportunities, regardless of ability.

Living Up to My Inclusive Values

Birthright; Removing the Stumbling Block

I’ve had more than a month to reflect. 

I've recovered from the jet lag and gotten rid of that awful sinus infection. 

I’ve posted my pictures and thoroughly enjoyed everyone else’s. 

And yet, it’s taken me more than a month to write this post. Mostly because I have something challenging to write, and I don’t always know how to share the difficult stuff.

Need to catch up?

A Reminder of What is Possible - “No Limits” on the Jewish Disability Community

When you write a blog, there are some posts that get lost in the mix over time. It is hard work to continually bring each one back to the front. But there are some posts which are just too important to let fall by the wayside. This is one such post.
Reminder of what is possible; Removing the Stumbling Block
This Winter I lead my first Birthright trip. I say first, because I have every intention of leading another! I mentioned my motivations here and was not at all shy about sharing that I had the "ulterior motive" of learning how we (the Reform Movement and Kesher Birthright) might offer accessible and inclusive trips. With first-hand knowledge and experience behind me, I can say with certainly that this will be no easy task. BUT IT IS NECESSARY. It is important.

And that is why this post has not lost its relevance. It is a reminder of what is possible and it inspires me to keep the goals of inclusion close every day.

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