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Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month logo; Removing the Stumbling Block

For those of you who have been following this event for a few years or more, you will note that the acronym has evolved. Since 2009, Jewish Disability Awareness Month has taken place each February with the tagline “From Awareness to Inclusion”. In keeping with that trend, the various organizers of this annual event added “I” for inclusion as well as Acceptance. 

In honor of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) I am launching another JDAIMblogs effort. It is an opportunity for us to collectively shed light on the wonderfully inclusive things that are happening in our Jewish world. 

Here’s how to join JDAIMblogs: Tag each post with #JDAIMblogs. Use the hashtag #JDAIMblogs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tweet me (@JewishSpecialEd) and tag Removing the Stumbling Block on Facebook or Instagram so that I can help to promote as many of these posts as possible. Feel free to come back often and link each of your #JDAIMblogs posts. This will allow readers to find one another’s posts, spread the word about their own, and generally serve as an online gathering space for the JDAIM blogging efforts. 

Write about Jewish disability inclusion in any way you choose. You can blog daily, if you want; but you can also draw, share photos, or even a make a video. You don’t have to be an inclusion expert or a Jewish professional to contribute. In fact, I hope that self-advocates, parents, loved ones and others across all faith communities will participate. EVERY voice matters. Isn’t that the point of inclusion, after all? All you really need is a desire to contribute in some way. Blog once or blog every day. Tweet. Post a picture. Share a Facebook status.

Share your voice.

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