A Time for Reflection - #BlogElul

A year ago I participated in an effort created by a Reform rabbi named Phyllis Sommer called #BlogElul. I found it to be both challenging and rewarding, and I am eager to participate again this year. I relish this opportunity to think deeply and move into the year ahead with greater intention. Writing is clearly a modality that works for me and it helps me to tune in and personally reflect. I regularly encourage teachers and colleagues to find ways to reach their students by tapping into their areas of strength, and so I appreciate that the #BlogElul project has helped tap into mine.

Additionally, this is also the project that inspired me to start #JDAMblogs for Jewish Disability Awareness Month in February 2014. (Watch for #JDAMblogs again in February 2015!)

So, I will once again do my best to fully participate in #BlogElul. For those of you who wish to follow along or join me in the journey, here is an easily recognizable image with the daily prompts. (Thank you, Phyllis!)

And, as always, I intend to stay true to my content. Each of my posts will have a reflection, some inspiration or a tip, technique or strategy related in some way to Jewish special needs education or inclusion. As I use this opportunity to reflect on my own inclusive practice, both professional and personal, I hope to inspire others to think deeply and differently as we prepare for the New Year ahead.

Join me in the journey.

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