{The ABC’s of Inclusion} F is to Face Challenges

{ABC's of Inclusion} F is to Face Challenges; Removing the Stumbling Block

No one said it was going to be easy.

Inclusion is hard work. It takes vision and time and commitment.

There will be setbacks. You will make progress and you will feel proud of your accomplishments, and then someone will say something ridiculously awful that reminds you of how much more work is still ahead.

Face the challenges.

There will be honest efforts that do not turn out as planned. There will be ideas built from good intentions that just do not become what you hoped they could be. There will be times when you plan and prepare, but the effort falls flat. It happens. 

Face the challenges.

Because the rewards are there, too. You will have moments where inclusion is seamless and times when you can almost take inclusion for granted. The hope, of course, is that successes will outweigh failure.

We must learn from failure. We can build on the experiences that fall flat or those that flat out fail.  

FAIL, first attempt in learning; Removing the Stumbling Block

Inclusion is most likely to flourish when we learn from our mistakes. 

The secret is that we have to be willing to take the risks and to face the challenges head on in order to move the work of true inclusion forward. 

The ABC's of Inclusion; Removing the Stumbling BlockWhat are the challenges to inclusion that you are facing?

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