{The ABC’s of Inclusion} M is to Make Mistakes

{The ABC's of Inclusion} M is to Make Mistakes; Removing the Stumbling Block

Making mistakes is a necessary part of learning.

A favorite concept:

FAIL First Attempt in Learning; Removing the Stumbling Block

It is also significant that we recognize the mistakes we make. Read: Ten Mistakes Even Good Educators Make

Even better, when we have strong relationships to rely upon in our work and in our lives, we give ourselves the opportunity to stretch and to experiment, knowing that trust will support us.

The ABC's of Inclusion; Removing the Stumbling BlockBut for many this is not easy. We must also learn to forgive ourselves, as none of us is perfect. When we embrace the concept that making mistakes is what will help us to grow and learn, we will launch ourselves forward.

Inclusion is most likely to flourish when we learn from our mistakes rather than when we avoid taking risks in the first place.

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