{The ABC's of Inclusion} Q is to Quell Negativity

{The ABC's of Inclusion} Q is to Quell Negativity; Removing the Stumbling Block

This one is the hardest.

It’s the hardest to write and it’s the hardest to do.

Today’s world is challenging. We are surrounded by negativity every day. Finding the strength to quell the negativity that surrounds us is no easy task.

And yet, we must.

  • What does the world you want to live in look like? 
  • How does it feel? 
  • How do you feel as you wake each day, as you go about your work, as you seek joy? 

These are tough questions. I told you, this one is the hardest.

To quell negativity is to live and act mindfully. It is choosing ones own words carefully. It is to approach each relationship, each interaction with deliberate, positive intention. In Judaism the concept of gossip and slander is known as l’shon hara, (“the evil tongue”). When we seek to quell negativity we can begin with ourselves. 

  • We can choose to speak kindly
  • We can choose to make positive, life-affirming choices. 
  • We can choose to engage those who live similarly.

But to truly quell negativity we must do more. 

  • We must seek to counter other’s words and help others choose different paths.
  • We must be willing to stand up and speak out for what we know is right. 
  • We must work together.

Yes, this one is definitely the hardest.

Where will you begin?


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